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Real Estate Transactions
Russo Tumulty handles both large and modest-sized real estate transactions, including sales, purchases, mortgages, refinancings, LLC and family trust agreements for real property ownership and succession.

Key Benefits

  • Attention to detail
  • Good working relationships with title companies
  • Experience with the needs of buyers and sellers

Recent transactions handled by Russo Tumulty attorneys include:

  • a $1 million residential home purchase (buyer’s counsel);
  • a $2.0 million guaranty and mortgage (factor's counsel);
  • a $26 million real estate purchase finance (lender’s counsel);
  • a $500,000 cell tower lease on commercial property (landlord's counsel);
  • a $15 million four-property real estate sale (sellers’ counsel);
  • a $3 million equipment and real estate financing (secured creditor counsel);
  • a $1.5 million guaranty and mortgage on land and mineral rights (lender's counsel);
  • a $650,000 commercial building sale (seller's counsel);
  • a $158 million sale of commercial lease space (selling tenant's counsel);
  • a $1.4 million commercial building mortgage and sale (insurance company counsel);
  • a $25 million real estate purchase (REIT counsel);
  • a $1.7 million commercial office building loan (lender’s counsel);
  • a $5 million hotel loan (lender’s counsel);
  • a $3.7 million sale of commercial real estate (seller’s counsel);
  • a $4 million collateralized guaranty with real estate (insurance company counsel).

Please contact Howard O. Thompson, Esq. at hthompson@russotumulty.com or Thomas C. Kelly, Esq. at tkelly@russotumulty.com.

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