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Russo Tumulty

Nester Thompson &

Kelly, LLP

Over 70 Years of Legal Experience

Facilitating Successful Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Facilitating Successful Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Russo Tumulty Nester Thompson & Kelly, LLP, facilitates commercial real estate transactions on behalf of landlords, buyers and sellers. With a close attention to detail, the firm’s lawyers are able to carefully evaluate all aspects of the transaction to ensure that your best interests are protected.

Real estate transactions require a significant amount of resources, planning and due diligence. The firm ensures that you consider important factors with respect to commercial leasing and before a commercial property purchase or sale, and that you make the best decisions to meet your goals.

Knowledgeable Assistance With Significant Transactions

The attorneys of Russo Tumulty can provide comprehensive counsel from your initial consideration of a purchase or sale through completion of your transaction and for commercial leasing. Involving a lawyer early on in the process can prevent mistakes and ensures that all agreements are in your best interest before you sign. Russo Tumulty can skillfully provide guidance on:

  • Mortgages, financing and refinancing
  • Title transfers
  • Negotiating sales/purchases
  • Leasing – commercial office, warehouse, rooftop, and other space
  • Ownership Operating Agreements, easements, and other land contracts
  • Commercial lending with real estate collateral

With significant experience in business law and commercial banking, the firm can evaluate your real estate transaction from this lens. They can provide an in-depth support for your business’s structure, short-term goals, and long-term interests.

Experience Within New Jersey’s Real Estate Market

The lawyers of Russo Tumulty have decades of experience within New Jersey’s real estate and business market. They can provide guidance as you consider property locations and evaluate your options. The firm can provide comprehensive counsel through each stage of your case, or act as a consultant, providing legal insight as desired.

Contact Russo Tumulty To Support Your Commercial Real Estate Interests

Before you finalize a significant commercial real estate leasing, investment or sale opportunity, contact the experienced legal team of Russo Tumulty Nester Thompson & Kelly, LLP, for the knowledgeable assistance you require. Call the firm’s Morristown office at 973-915-3500.